In Memoriam—Lochie Jo Allen: Co-founder of Fisheries Magazine

Beloved Lochie Jo Allen passed away on February 2014.

Photo of Lochie Jo and J Frances Allen - AFS women

Dr. J Frances Allen—Jady to those who knew and loved her—and her sister, Lochie Jo Allen, significantly influenced the development of scientific publications and women’s participation in the American Fisheries Society (AFS). However, many of us may know little about how these pioneering women came to excel in the field of fisheries at a time when few women were taken seriously. The story of Jady and the women she touched through her life and her scholarship can be downloaded here (PDF).

But what of Lochie Jo Allen?

Twenty-five years ago, a number of AFS members were concerned with the lack of diversity in AFS, so the idea of the J Frances Allen Scholarship was spawned, and initially back by a sporting company that provided the initial $10,000 to endow it.  Then, every year after that, like clockwork, Lochie Jo contributed significantly to the scholarship herself, both financially and by essentially pounding the pavements and manning the phones to make sure that the scholarship stayed front and center in the Society’s headlights. Lochie Jo loved her sister, but she loved the Society, too.

Lochie Jo Allen is co-founder and first editor of Fisheries Magazine - the flagship publication of the American Fisheries Society (AFS)

Lochie Jo Allen was a pioneer in her own right.  In fact, she brought AFS Executive Director *Carl Sullivan’s concept for an AFS membership bulletin to reality by launching Fisheries magazine in 1976. At the time, her title was associate editor (1976–1983), although she truly was the first editor of the AFS flagship magazine (later the board changed the name of the position to managing editor) – during the years of 1976-1983. In 2013, Lochie Jo was given a certificate by the executive director of AFS that recognized her for this landmark move, and went on to give her “honor and recognize the confidence, devotion, diligence, intelligence, and creativity given in helping the American Fisheries Society obtain this most important milestone.”

Lochie Jo Allen, J Frances Allen - Two of the most important women of AFS - celebrating Christmas together

Jady and Lochie Jo celebrating the holidays together.

A very early photo of two very important AFS women - J Francis Allen and Lochie Jo Allen

On February 10, 2014, Lochie Jo Allen passed away in Front Royal, Virginia.  She left a large portion of her estate to fund her sister’s  scholarship, proving that even after death, she continues to give.

*Some Fisheries magazine history, according to Robert Kendall:

Lochie Jo was already on the AFS staff when I joined it as Transactions editor in July 1974.  At the time, we were renting space in the American Forestry Association’s Washington headquarters on 18th Street, near DuPont Circle. Lochie Jo was hired by Dick Wade, the second AFS Executive Director.  The details of 1975—especially relating to office personnel—are a blur in my mind. During winter, we moved the AFS office to a cramped, renovated garage (“carriage house”) owned by the Society of American Foresters on the former Grosvenor estate in Bethesda, pending construction of a new office building to be owned by the Renewable Natural Resources Foundation.  In April, Dick Wade was fired and I was made acting Executive Director as well as journal editor.  In September, Carl Sullivan was hired as Wade’s replacement during the AFS annual meeting in Las Vegas.  Sullivan, who was Dick Stroud’s second at the Sport Fishing Institute, couldn’t begin at AFS until November, though. When he did join us, it was quickly clear that with Sully’s energy and projecting voice, the carriage house could not be a locus of contemplative scholarship. By late Spring 1976, I had moved journal operations out of Bethesda and into my basement. I was only an occasional visitor to the AFS office for the next 10 years. Even before he took over at AFS, Sullivan was incubating the idea of a membership magazine, one geared toward fishery managers rather than scientists, to replace the dull and crusty newsletter. It took him several months before he could flesh it out, get it satisfactorily budgeted, and have it approved by the Executive Committee, by which time I was out of the day-to-day loop. I don’t know why he selected Lochie Jo to handle the magazine for him, but she clearly was the most literary of the staff at that time. She dug in, and if my memory is at all correct, the two of them managed to get an issue of Fisheries out by the end of the year. It was not long after her retirement (a year or three?) before Sullivan and Lochie Jo (with Jady’s help?) began a new collaboration: a retired members’ newsletter called (I think) “Homo Piscis Rusticus.” This newsletter, part of Sullivan’s effort to keep retirees (and their money) more involved with the Society, lasted for two or three years before it ran out of steam. Lochie Jo maintained contact with the AFS office for several more years, most commonly during the December holiday parties. She contributed money to the Society, as did Jady, and I suspect (though don’t know) that she helped out in some measure with creation of the scholarship award. The two sisters remained very close, and lived together as long as both were alive.

For those who would like information on how to contribute to the J Frances Allen Scholarship Fund, please contact AFS coordinator Eva Przygodzki at or call (301) 897-8616 ext. 203.


J Frances Allen Scholarship Recipients

1987 Elizabeth Marschall
1988 Deborah A. Bodolus
1989 Susan Sogard
1990 Lisa L. Williams
1991 Nancy A. Auer
1992 Susan C. Sponaugle
1993 Gwen White
1994 Jodee Hunt
1995 Dorothy E. Medeiros-Bergen
1996 Sandra Diamond
1997 Karen Mumford
1998 Tracy Galarowicz
1999 Lisa A. Eby
2000 Kimberly Howland
2001 Cynthia Kolar
2002 Amy Schrank
2003 Maureen Walsh
2004 Julie Kay Henry Zimmerman
2005 Stephanie Carlson
2006 Virginia Shervette
2007 Anne M. Cooper
2008 Melissa Wuellner
2009 Karen Murchie
2010 Marie-Ange Gravel
2011 Neala W. Kendall
2012 Brooke Penaluna
2013 Abigail Lynch

For those who would like information on how to contribute to the J Frances Allen Scholarship Fund, please contact AFS coordinator Eva Przygodzki at or call (301) 897-8616 ext. 203.

J Frances Allen Scholarship Award

The American Fisheries Society (AFS) is pleased to announce that applications are being accepted until April 1, 2014, for the J Frances Allen Scholarship for a female doctoral fisheries student.  The J Frances Allen Scholarship was established in 1986 to honor Allen, who pioneered women’s involvement in the AFS and in the field of fisheries.  The scholarship fund was established with the intent of encouraging women to become fisheries professionals.

Eligibility: The qualified applicant must be a female PhD student who was an AFS member as of December 31, 2013.  The applicant must be conducting aquatic research in line with AFS objectives, which include “all branches of fisheries science, including but not limited to aquatic biology, engineering, fish culture, limnology, oceanography, and sociology”.  Typically, this award is given to a student who has completed preliminary exams.

Application: To apply, submit items A through D:

  1. Resume with information in the following format:

-  Educational history: degrees, grade point average for each degree (overall and in major), relevant courses taken

-  Professional experience: positions held, levels of position, years of experience at each level

-  Publications: separated into refereed and other

-  Presentations: “first author” implies you presented it, “second author” assumes you did not, specify if otherwise

-  AFS participation: year joined, meeting attendance and participation, committee involvement, presentations at AFS meetings

  1. Transcripts from all institutions of higher education: include enrollment in PhD program. Please include transcripts with your application, do not have them sent separately. You may scan an official transcript as long as it is of high quality.
  2. Dissertation research proposal: do not exceed 4 single spaced pages (excluding title page, abstract, and references).  The proposal must be submitted in the following single-spaced format with headings:

-  Title page: with project title, area of research (genetics, modeling, ecology, etc.), applicants name and affiliation

-  Abstract: not to exceed one-half page, describing research proposed

-  Introduction: Including project justification and background

-  Specific objectives and hypotheses if appropriate

-  Summary of procedures/methods: justification for choices including preliminary testing and references

-  Expected and preliminary results

-  Significance of research: include anticipated application of findings

-  Literature cited: follow Transactions of the American Fisheries Society format

  1. Three letters of recommendation: One must be from the applicant’s major advisor and one must be from an AFS member.  Each letter should address 1) the applicants promise as a fisheries scientist, 2) the potential of the applicant to complete their proposed work and 3) significance of the applicants proposed research to the advancement of fisheries science. If those writing letters prefer- they may email letters separately to the address below, but they must be received by the deadline and should contain the applicants name along with J F. Allen Scholarship in the subject heading.  Please include in the nomination letter, the nominee’s title and full contact information (i.e. address, e-mail, phone, etc.) to complete the package.

Please contact the Committee Chair if you have any questions.  Send electronic applications and recommendations (preferably in one mailing), to be received April 1, 2014, to:


Abigail Lynch, Committee Chair


Subject: J Frances Allen Scholarship

Phone:  703-216-0109

An application will not be reviewed if any part is missing or it is received after the deadline.

Criteria for selection: Selection will be made by the J Frances Allen Scholarship Committee of the AFS Equal Opportunity Section.  Proposal reviews by scientists in appropriate fields will be solicited by the committee.  Awardee will be selected on a competitive basis with an emphasis placed on research promise, scientific merit, and academic achievement.  Submission of an application acknowledges the applicant’s acceptance of the Committee’s decision as final.

Public Announcement and Notification: Public announcement of the recipient will be made at the 2014 AFS Annual Meeting in Quebec, Canada. In addition a written announcement will appear in Fisheries and the recipient will receive an official letter of award.  The recipient is encouraged to present the results of their research at an Annual Meeting of AFS.  It is expected that the research findings will be published in an appropriate fisheries journal upon project completion, at which time the support from this scholarship and AFS will be acknowledged.


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